Giving To Concordia

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Creating a Bequest Really is This Simple...

Just include one of the following sentences in your will or
add them as a codicil to your existing will:

1. Specific Bequest for General Purposes

I give, devise and bequeath to Concordia University Chicago, a non-profit corporation existing under the laws of the State of Illinois and located in the Village of River Forest, Illinois, __________________________ [fill in a percentage of your estate, a certain sum of dollars, or a description of the particular personal property or real estate].

2. Bequest to an Existing Endowment Fund:

[Insert Specific Bequest language (in No. 1 above) and add the following] . . . and direct that it shall be deposited into the ____________________________________________________________ [fill in the name of the permanent endowment fund].

3. Bequest for a Designated Purpose:

[Insert Specific Bequest language (in No. 1 above) and add the following] . . . and direct that it shall be used to _______________________________________________________________[fill in the designated purpose of the bequest]. In the event the University is unable to fulfill the purpose of my bequest as specified, the University is authorized to use this bequest for such purposes as in the judgment of the University is most consistent with the purposes intended to be achieved by my bequest, or best promotes the welfare of the University.

Your attorney may tailor this language to meet your personal planning needs.