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Addison Society

Your Legacy and Concordia: Partnering for Tomorrow

Establishing a planned gift with Concordia is a decision to share of yourself, to demonstrate your values, and to believe in the power of generosity.

Today, as you plan to leave your legacy, we invite you to explore the impact you can make at Concordia University Chicago. With your planned gift, the University will be pleased to welcome you into the Addison Society.

Join the Addison Society

The Addison Society was founded in 1990 to recognize individuals and families who have thoughtfully and generously included a gift to Concordia University Chicago in their will, or through another planned gift arrangement. Today, more than 350 families representing University alumni and friends are members of the Addison Society. These loyal individuals uphold the high standards and traditions of the past, while serving as partners in Concordia's plans for the future. Addison Society members will forever benefit generations of students.

Membership in the Addison Society is bestowed when a donor creates one or more of the following gift plans:

  • Bequest under a Will or Living Trust
  • Gift Annuity
  • Charitable Remainder Trust
  • Life Insurance policy or beneficiary designation
  • Beneficiary Designations from retirement and other accounts
  • Donor Advised Fund
  • Life Estate
  • Charitable Lead Trust

For the various advantages that exist with each gift option, please review How to Give. An initial inquiry may be made with Sandra Nelson, Vice President for Major Gifts and Planned Giving at (708) 488-4342 or

A warm welcome awaits you as a member of our Addison Society family.


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The Latzke's Story

"Concordia-Chicago has been such a huge part of our life it was rather clear that it receive support for future student scholarships." After many years of service to Concordia University Chicago, Laura '56 and Henry '56 chose to support CUC through a gift in their estate plan. "We feel if God's kingdom is going to grow, we need church workers who have a good foundation," says Laura. (More)
The Johanson's Story

Strong advocates for continuing education, especially in a Christian environment, Ed and Kay S. '63 (Nuechterlein) Johanson made the decision to share their good fortune and impact students of Concordia University Chicago through estate planning and the Edward E. and Kays S. Johanson Endowment. (More)
The Laatsch's Story

It all began on the doorstep of Grace Lutheran Church in Queens Village. "I met Karen shaking hands at the church door. I didn't know it then, but she was an unexpected gift from God." (More)
The Duda's Story

"You can't out give the Lord." These words beautifully describe the importance of philanthropy of John and Elizabeth (Betty) Duda '51. Betty was called home to the Lord in December 2016, but the Concordia University community fondly recalls her stories of her time here. (More)
Ruth Pralle's Story

For Ruth Pralle, the Concordia connection lasted for close to a century. Read how she ensured it would last for centuries more. (More)
Allan Loek's Story

Music was a family passion and value. Today, it is Allan Loek's connection to the past and future. Read how through Planned Giving and Concordia University Chicago, Allan honors the memory of his parents, their shared love of music, and the role of Christian education. (More)
The Geiers' Story

For Gary and Laurelei Geier, charter members of the Addison Society, a planned gift to Concordia offers the opportunity to continue their legacy of spreading the Gospel. For Concordia, it means support for our mission and our students called to Lutheran teaching. Read how a shared vision of Christian education connects a family, a university and future students. (More)